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[God in Her World-Gown]
She would have me believe that She is idle,
Shallow, and asleep.
And of course I am constantly beguiled,
Yet She gives a playful wink from sources all around,
Reminding me that this is Her diamond gown
Swirling as the 10,000 things.

[My mind will make your lines work in overtime]
When we the trees believe
that we are our fruits,
or that we own our fruits,
we forget them as seeds
whose nature is free.
Contradicting nature we cast down freedom,
whereupon we ourselves fall.

If actions belong to themselves,
then magic leads the Elves.

[Our Deauty]
Rare are the roses,
But where one grows, there shall grow many

When I am up doing, I seem a bee.
When I am not doing, I know I am the hive.

[The Holy See]
Tune in to what station station you want
Or tune in to the tuning in
Look and finally see that you are
Know this multiplicity you be
Is only the sea of the See

[Slightly Unedited ​]
Frequently I find it easy to think in verse
A pleasant unrolling so akin to life’s easy unfolding
At times like these I go on in my head improvising lines
And making myself laugh at such lame rhymes
Though they can’t be called ‘mad’
For me they still aren’t half bad

I find we all share one heart
In this great art
And for my part
I want to minimize the strife
I cause my brothers here in this backstreet of life

But underneath even that there’s vanity
We’ve all got some of that bent little flower inside
Bound by its own reflection in the pool of eternity
All trying to stand up the straighter
And still get a view of ourselves all the greater
But this ain’t a game of negatives or a human critique
Things just get too real for words when experience is at its peak
To get Here—and trust me its where you want to be
You’ve got to let go of a life lived for me,
Look up to the sun, smile, and see,
You’re its glorious show
By It, for It, and from It you grow.

When you know what you’ve got
You need not
Listen to wants
And so it’ll never haunt me
That you just might be
Something I’ll never figure out
Cuz you just can’t doubt
Once me’s been cleared out

I might just be the vocab lab
That brings this shit out of squander
Up in Cali livin like a condor
Ya might never seen me
Cuz sometimes being fly with big wings
Makes you an endangered species
Here aint my sound or my crowd
I feel like a clown throwin this shit down
But that won’t stop me
From layin the ground
With this generic shit
Lyrics in rap sound to me like clichés
In college application essays
But nowadays they letting everyone in
Cuz we’re startin to believe that all should get that chance to win
Still it’ll take a long ass time for society to catch up,
Realize it’s not about what we say should be in your cup
And see your eye’s got all the power to hold that beauty that you be

Never thought I’d try
Cuz I thought I’d never be fly on the first go
But if you think like that you’ll never grow
You gotta step out of that circle you’ve drawn
And stop livin your life yawn to yawn
Life’s a dream, a game played against yourself
Negativity will come as it will
But buyin in to that
Insecurity will put you on the shelf
Yet you’ll never be forgotten
Never fall from love and grace
Cuz you’re always dancing before God’s eternal face

So take a look at yourself from a different point of view
And find something new
You can stand in line
You can shuffle in queue
Without wasting time
Because All’s divine
But if there is a time to climb
That time is certainly now

I’ll go ahead and be deep
Forgoing the assumption that it’s better to keep
In step with the Romans
I’ll speak my mind as unveiled to me sounds sublime
But to she or you, who, encounters the verse
Only finds me distant, pompous, or terse
And that’s speaking politely
It very well might be
That you won’t like me
When I speak from the heart
Cuz you’re still seeing us as apart
But when you look closely
You’ll see the lines between you and me
Not strictly because I’m tempting your ear
And in little time you’ll find our bodies entwined
But more even than that, it’s what’s true beyond time
We’re both the Divine; with the same light do we shine

Great, another Genius has discovered Venus
And taken it upon himself to put everyone else on the shelf
In his secret quest fueled by the sight of her chest
He might quickly decide to trick me
Lay me as a casualty in the pursuit of high society
But in converting me from
To some-lowly-scum to subvert
He’ll only find himself hurt
And if he’s truly wise such a gift of truth will open up his eyes
But more than likely
He’ll still spite me and look to fight me
To catch that next honey
Looking for a tough guy
She’ll quickly turn him to her whim
And what genius he might have been
He’ll find this future done in
By some gin and whoever happens to be walking in

Who I write for, you’ll soon see
Thought addressed to another is only me

I’m on here cuz I’m feeling stupid,
Down and about
But never out,
How can I lose when I’m the game?
Forever free as long as I let go of me
Challenges come at me like
You don’t act like you should
But that’s just ignorance to me
It’s because I know it’s an act that I can
Act out how I like
Even strike in spite
Even beg in strife
Even give up at life
I’ve identified with the current beneath my toes
And flowing through my nose
So no words coming at me
Are gonna make me feel sorry
And if they would I’d never doubt that they should
And if I did
Then that would be how I’d Live

I sit in the low places and look down at the high
I fly in the sky and see the ocean up above
I certainly haven’t got it
But it seems for the moment it’s got me
And this moment lasts for ever
While I’m just a passing scene
That I remain though
Is a matter of no discourse
Because we’re all looking two eye’d not recognizing the passing as what’s lasting
Meanwhile I’m mastering
Moving without doubt
Speaking with clout
And I know in my soul
My time’s limited
But made from Thine unlimited
If I come back, make another appearance
Only with gods clearance
Spreading through the godhead
The word that He said

I wait for that fourth wall to fall
And see me laughing at myself
Engaged in my own game
Got lost to find myself
Came home and left
Not ready to be bereft of my delusion
A desire to frolic in illusion
Now here I am trying
Doesn’t it feel like lying?
Where from will you speak?
Hopefully from the bottom of your feet
Keep in mind that there is no need to rhyme
Or to converse in anyway but keep this playback
And takeback to the time when time said
And then when I want to start making sense I might go for that
Or come back and get at my self

Just ksp and then your that
Hand me a solution and take me out of play
What am I hear to do?
So how could you be so cruel?
I write for only myself
I tell what none want to hear or believe
And still here is nonsense
You lose you snooze you cruise and bruise

Might I be lazy for sleeping the day away?
Is it foolish to find in dreams
Such value which equal to reality often seems?
Not to throw away do I go to sleep
But for solitude, learning and bliss to seek.
Still it might be meek to not partake in this passing
While its yet lasting
So short it is once seen through
Best to think best of this passing you
And not in your own mind to stew
For verily there may be a fine brew,
But its potion is for those beyond you.
Bring light about when its light out
And confine that time of slumber for when the world has turned under
Steadfast rules none are, and always use your heart for par
If one day rest seems right for the weary,
Spare this little time to tarry
That you might carry all this the higher
And alight the skies with your fire.
Heed your heart in bearing neither too far left nor right
But mediate that you might walk through that gate.

The fall of time upon these keys
What do they please
To say,
Move on and see what so dawns
Try best to unveil your quest
No further side by side
But less held back, less given back
And keep the whole intact.
Does it need make sense to use past tense
That these redundancies might be
Once and for all
Over and done with
Yet no longer fighting that battle
Need not tattle on that last edit,
Nor that next mistaken remark
Letting gravity do the work
Of sinking the stone in the pond

Hard it is for me to procure
That repeated requisite practice the more
But slow and steady wins the race
And more oft then not I think this a fine pace
Moreover, what of this race?
But of course, I mean not that competition against men,
But the fight to finish before the end.
Yet what confidence is shown--
If my work is in the lords eye is dear,
Surely he will spare me my time necessary,
And thus I need not fear.
But perhaps not a fear though of being cut short,
Rather of a life overlong by my sloth ensured
And thus over much need be endured.
For though bliss sits here too,
Still I look to that final pass beyond you.
Yet still what correct view
Might I hope would be offered
From some point of finite grasping
And what wisdom sounds not rasping?
All pales when vision of the lord ensues
Then the mind spreads high, in its very cessation,
And profits gained become all the loftier.

In silence and solemnity too much has been offered
This page is for making all the lighter
To reveal the precipice in which we float
That finally we might rightfully gloat
But say rather rejoice in this infinite voice
In harmony with the will of the space receding for it
Life is a wonderful, miraculous chorus
End of the night
Beginning of my highlight
For me the motivation has passed
To sit around and gab
The next drink we seek to grab
But can’t look down on that
Won’t say anything bad about some path
Rather I’m learning that I’m grateful for this multiplicity of play
Each path taken, all choices made
All things worked out
Best person for each, walks their own path
To extend your wrath upon another
Is a byproduct of delusion
Breeding fear that your own choice was wrong,
That the path you’re on you’ve been on overlong
Or whatever that nagging doubt might be
Or perhaps is some perversion of charity,
An understanding true
That over there—that’s you
But blind to see they don’t have the same sight as me
What I see as wrong
They’ve thought about sufficiently long
And no more doubt have they in the rightness of their path,
Nor the coming of God’s wrath,
Than we, and what we portray
For that standard which we project
Is the one over ourselves God shall erect

But here I am back in what is nearly a rut
But is it so? Should such knowledge I not seek to sow?
So long in delusion, so many years of blind habit
Is it not the best now to lay in over and again,
The truth so fine?
Today I saw a rabbit
By whence came this line?
And in what scheme is my rhyme?
How oft shall I take the time
To assess the current topic under address
How much self-conscious shall I imbue in my lines
A bit over done, I myself might say
Perhaps by that returning insecurity
What path am I on?
Is there one so grand?
So convoluted?
So forgiving that on its ground I still stand?
Yea—God is so.
Doubt of this leads one astray
But always, to return someday
Perfection forever upheld
Light in my heart is held

[6th Grade]
I realize I frown a lot
I decide to smile more
I find out the girl who I like
Likes me back
Simple as that

Middle School
Rainy Friday
Okay by me
A level to beat
A task to complete
And music to go with the game
Visions of me above the rest
I could be it
That could be me
I could be great
I, the one
I feel my soul shine

Years have passed
I’ve learned a little about love
Changed some of the things I grasp
So the cover of my game has changed
Vision of myself alone necessarily includes all others
But the goal is still the same

My lines surprise me
As I come back to see
They aren’t as bad as I thought they might be
Rhyming is easy when it’s free from the heart
Always the easiest is true art
But fart on me I do profess
How often others do I bless?
Check and wreck and wreck check again
Always up for a spin
Round the world of leisure and woe
Though I keep talking like I’m going to go
So clearly there is more than one me
An aggregate of self
One and another passing by each other
Clamoring for their spot
Flexing what they’ve got
And I’m here still thinking I’m here thinking
That some self-contained order belongs to this doer
Yet get truer I’m bluer
Your mind? Time to eschew her.

Sing a song for me
Is it wrong by me
What is done by me
When will I see
How to let be
And set free
Thy being, thy quest
But what’s truest,
How can I hope even this?
All power is yours
If this yours here I’m to call mine
I shall only by your grace divine
Until that time you decide I’m done with mine
So it’s always you who shines,
Even when I’m feeling confined
Or stupid
Get with the new, kid.

Silly and sad
Mopey and bad
Been had
There seen
Shoulda been weened long ago
But hey come to the expo
Don’t try not to let go
Now so many paths I see
What vision of you buds new
Surely will excavate me
Keep me close
Keep me safe
Oh Holy mother,
Without you I am surely abased
Deface this vision with my decision
To declare my own tyranny
Judgement passed
How long will I last?
Ill out last myself
Truth past the ephemeral
Thank God you’ve heard my word and take me on my good day
I could say I’m lucky
To see
But certainly that is not so
No coincidence, so self-laudence either
Neither miser nor scrub
Here’s the rub
It’s you I love and only you am I
So you you love and you have placed you in me
You find me here only because you were ever near
In my turning what help could I expect no matter my yearning
Only by you
Only by the
Only thine
Is ever me
Three to two, undone

Trim the verbiage,
Not terse but disperse
The appropriate and exact syntax and syllables
Sown within the silence,
Cultivate an ideal cadence
Requiring minimum maintenance

[Babylon Backtalk]
Some traditions will have you say,
I carry this human body like a house,
Slugging through this mundane section
Of the youniverse,
It pulls me back, it holds me down,
Shows all the signs of the mud I’d normally fly by.
So I keep it high and dry,
Put it through the paces,
And tattoo mandalas on this heavy shell
To remind me of myself.

Well, man I’ve got to say
Its true this world’s a strange one,
But debasing this absurd creature
Won’t cure the seeker.
Isn’t your judgment of this dwelling just an aspect of your grasping?
You call it low,
You call it slow and heavy,
But that’s only cuz you’ve decided it’s yours already,
Watching this corner of the world for your brief stint,
What’s more you’re gonna assert power over it?
Label it good or bad,
Let it make you mad or sad?
That’s the basis of ignorance son
Ego infringement upon
The work of God.
It’s not the body holding you back,
I can tell you that,
Life’s a mirror revealing to you what you’re doing that’s out of whack.

[The Water Bearer]
Buckets weigh easy,
They are full of my troubles--
The water is within me
And so the back is straight
And our Soul rises with each step.
All connected, we-I-cannot but be the ocean--
This body is but a cork.
What shall be your density?

All things are possible,
And with such a beautiful muse
What results cannot be expected? And they right soon!

[All in All]
My lines aren't the kind to light up the stage,
they're far too recursive for all but the overthinker's page.
Cursive's clearly all connected, so what's the sense in rewinding for me to point out that gapless line?
You've all got eyes so, what good am I if I scream "YOU CAN SEE"?
It shines forth in spite of me,
as I point you down every wrong road.
Any reputation is too heavy to bear,
too substantive to stick around in this vacuum,
but truthsayer seems the most ludicrous.
Set me free from this duty, this illusion,
this spell to which I so readily subscribe.
All that is left is my faith in the sound behind all I imbibe--
that it is already and always there.
That God is God.
This hope, I dare.