The pen is mightier

Though I walk through the Morgul Vale, I shall fear no evil--neither dark, nor wraith, nor the high haunted pass--for thou art with me.

"Looking behind the darkest of masks and closest of shields you will find no subsidiary consciousnesses, only aggregates of pieces--perceptions, emotions, dispositions. Behind all form there is only ever One Eye. Accordingly, though presented with all the changing filters of perception, observe all with only that primary peaceful gaze." -Darth Buddha

Master Skywalker

Master Oogway



The Diamond

God pun #1

Samsara check-up

"Words are not dangerous, ignorace is--it keeps open the tracks which lead to the mire.

Information is not dangerous, exclusivity is--it inflates the ego...

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Fear and Wisdom (pt. 1)

(pt. 2)