Robert B. Davis II
Philosopher and Author
Here is a collection of my thoughts and insights. I have enjoyed the work and musings of many others in my life, and I thought I might join in the fun and give back what I can; as such, I also hope that my work will be, and believe that it can be, of some help, or at least enjoyment to others. Though, one must recognize, “in order for one person to advise, let alone help, someone else a great deal must happen… an entire constellation of things must come into alignment for there to be a single chance of success” (Letters to a Young Poet, Rainer Maria Rilke). Some entries found on this site are short observations or even affirmations and are more like blog posts; others are longer discussions or explications airing more in the realm of essays. I hope the mixture is pleasing to a variety of readers. All are of a philosophical and/or spiritual and religious nature.

                The language of all these entries is quite authoritative. Though some have discussion, they all impinge on realities that, for many, would require far more extensive discussion and proof than can be offered here. For my more skeptical readers (I applaud you, and we are cut from the same cloth, I assure you) an extensive and detailed account of my logic and proofs used to conclude and, indeed, accept these realities is available in my book titled Jnana Yoga: A Skeptic's Journey to Knowledge. I believe I give a definitive case for all my beliefs, and that all that is posted here which may seem unsupported can be found to be supported therein. As such, those with any objections (who also wish to be logical and analytical, not merely objectionably assertive—though obviously there will be those who take that option also) are asked to consult my work Jnana Yoga for clarification and evidence. A list of my published and prospective books can be found on this site, as well as links to purchase them.
                Also to be found here is a list of books I recommend which I have read and enjoyed and learned from, and I hope you will as well. Links to relevant videos are also posted as well as various artistic endeavors of my own.

                Thank you for your visit and please enjoy, and share! One love. God Bless. OM.
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